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Explosive Sample-Based Drum Machine

deton8 is a hybrid sampler/drum synthesizer using a mix of crunchy 8-bit samples and wavetable synthesis and a plethora of real-time fx and tricks.

Handle-assembled to order in France.




  • Hardware MIDI (MIDI Type A)



  • Audio out Mono T/S 1/8" Jack

  • 16 patterns

  • Chain patterns make a song

  • 8 Voices (Kick, Snare, Metal (hats), Clap, Can (tinny sounds), Tom, Nut (woody sounds), SYNTH (hapiNES triangle bass synthesizer, with arp that can be distorted to square).

  • Pitch and decay modulation per step on every voice

  • 8 hands-on Stutter modes: Beat repeat (with variable rate), Forward granular, Reverse granular, Pendulum granular (scratch), buzz/texture , random granular (noise generation), spin up, spin down

  • Forward & Reverse sample playback per track

  • Delay with variable delay time and pitch decay (upwards and downwards)

  • Ring mod effect with variable frequency

  • Global pitch shift

  • Copy/Paste patterns

  • Real time pattern recording with optional metronome

  • Tap tempo

  • Swing

  • Mute/Solo a track

  • Drive any voice into distortion

  • Sound variation knob for Kick (add sub), Snare (add noise/snappy), Hats (change texture) and Synth (arpeggiate)

  • Pump aka sidechain compression emulation (any track can “duck” the others for the pumping/breathing effect)

  • Pattern clean and randomize for accidental magical beats


deton8 includes the following kits, but you’ll be able to upload your own samples!

  • DETON8 default (big beats, break)

  • AMY SISTER (jungle break)

  • HIP08 (for all your 808 hiphop needs)

  • TEK09  (Rave on)

  • MINTY POPS (Classic beats)

  • INDUSTRIAL (exclusive kit by our dear friend NKDM)

  • 14 additional kits, thanks to Electronisounds !




Special thanks to Electronisounds for providing 14 awesome bonus kits!

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