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About TE

Hello, I’m Alex Smith, founder of Twisted-electrons.

Born in the UK but living in the south of France since the early 90s.
I love video games (old and new), pinballs & music of all genres.
I was introduced to classical music at a young age and developed a passion for electronics early on in my adult life.
When I’m not designing and assembling Twisted Electrons synths, I enjoy scoring tracks for video games, & commercials.


Twisted electrons wouldn’t exist without the valuable help of many wonderful people
Thanks to:
-Θ/Theta/Themis , EricK21/Cathode.Muzic and Simon Mills/Bent/Somethin' Sanctified for the tons of idea contributions and countless hours of testing

-Matthieu Démarré (Studiomatic) for the awesome photos

-Studio 12 jours for the awesome videos

-Luigi Fiorindo for the logo and graphic design expertise

-Sonic Sales for powerful & friendly distribution
-Django Dtronics for circuit design guidance & expertise
-My family for all the love & support
-Lego for inciting to construct things from an early age
-The midibox and arduino community for getting me started with electronics

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