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hapiNES is a multitrack chiptune synthesizer inspired by the RP2A07 sound chip found in the NES games console.

The 4 voices allow you to create authentic sounding tunes in real time!

The L(arge) version offers the same features as its slimsynth counterpart, with the addition of hardware MIDI (MIDI Type A) and analog sync in and out connectivity and packed in a rugged metal case.



  • MIDI input (sync, notes and parameter modulation on 4 channels )
    (MIDI Type A)

  • Analog trigger sync in and out

  • USB-MIDI input (sync, notes and parameter modulation on 4 channels)

  • 4 tracks for real-time composing with individual MIDI control per track

  • Authentic sounding NES bass (4-bit triangle)

  • 2 squares with variable pulsewidth (NES PW ranges)

  • 59 real-time synthesised preset drum sounds + self-evolving drum sound

  • 16 arpeggiator modes with variable speed

  • Vibrato with variable depth and speed

  • 18 Buttons

  • 32 Leds

  • 6 high quality metal bolted potentiometers

  • 3 levels of LED brightness (Beach, Studio, Club)

  • Live recording, key change and pattern chaining (up to 16 patterns/ 256 steps)

  • Pattern copy/pasting

  • Ratcheting per step

  • Arbitrary length patterns


Download user Manual


Download MIDI implementation chart


Download the Vst Editor

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