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Crazy8 Beats is a stand-alone desktop drum sequencer that can also be installed as a 40HP module in a eurorack system

Crazy8 Beats is expected to return in the spring of 2022.


User Manual

(updated June 20th 2022)

Cheat Sheet

(updated July 4th 2022)


(updated June 20th 2022)


  • 8 Hybrid Analog/MIDI Tracks

  • 8 MIDI tracks, 3 MIDI ports (1 In & 2 Out) - MIDI Type A

  • 8 Analog Trigger outputs

  • Variable Accent/CV output per step

  • MIDI velocity amount, CC modulation, or both per step.

  • 8BIT 0-5V Analog CV output per step

  • Trigger input/output to sync Crazy8Beats to other devices

  • MIDI input to receive MIDI clock and set up parameters (MIDI Type A)

  • MIDI Clock sent on both ports

  • 16 patterns per track

  • Up to 16 steps per pattern

  • Individual patterns change per voice (or all at once)

  • Up to 8 patterns can be chained to create a song

  • 4 play modes per track (forward, reverse, ping pong, random)

  • Copy, Paste, Clearing of patterns

  • 8 Levels of Swing per track

  • Crazy feature enables probability and live remixing of patterns

  • Rhythmic Drill effect with variable rate

16 Pads can be used to punch record patterns live or program visually.

The pads are backlit to provide visual feedback of the pattern you are programming and the tracks that are active.

64 Step LEDs enable you to see 4 tracks advance at any time.

Eurorack power requirement:
+12V: 45mA
+12V: 0
+5v: 0

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