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BlastBeats 4.0 Daily Beta

Updated: Apr 10


4.0 is live! Thanks to all for your valuable feedback!!!


Monday April 8th

This will likely be the last beta before release

Fix: lazy LED in mute mode

New: Function page remembered when returning to function from step or kit modes

Fix: Vibrato Power defaults to 1 (was 2 and lead to some wobbly patterns)

Blast Beats Manual
Download PDF • 830KB

Download ZIP • 4.13MB

BlastBeats 0408
Download ZIP • 265KB


BlastBeats 0406
Download ZIP • 265KB

Saturday April 6th

Fix: Wiggle on active step and save kits settings were forgotten

Fix: Further improvements on stutter engine

Add: drill stutter mode (hold tempo+stutter to toggle between drill and normal stutter mode)


Friday April 5th

Fix: reworked stutter step editor

Add: stutter/bend/freeze automation can be muted/unmuted via function+stutter, bend or freeze

Blast Beats Manual
Download PDF • 828KB

BlastBeats 0405E
Download ZIP • 264KB


Thursday April 4th

Blast Beats Manual
Download PDF • 827KB

BlastBeats 0404
Download ZIP • 264KB

FIX: UI cleanup of trick step edit

1. A diode that used to display the selected track, which was deemed unnecessary and distracting in this mode, has been removed.

2. There was an issue with the stutter speed not displaying correctly after each step change.

3. Previously, entering step edit mode inadvertently changed the pattern's step

It's now made clear that when holding down the step button to switch pages, the user is reminded that they are in trick step mode (and which specific mode it is). Upon releasing the button, pages can be turned as intended.

4 methods (including a new one) are provided for exiting trick step edit mode:

- Using Kit/Patt

- Using Function

-step + any top button

- NEW: Repeating the same combination used to enter step edit mode. For example, if adding trig bends with step+bend, this combination can now be used to switch back to the normal step edit mode.


Wednesday April 3rd

-Added routing presets: When in routing mode hold rec + top ten to save, func+ top ten to load

-Added 3 vibrato/tremolo speed ratios: Hold trem or vibr and use kit / step / func to change.

- extended maximum range hold function and use top ten buttons in vibrato mode.

-added vibrato waveforms to manual.

-Fix: slowly updating selected synth led

BlastBeats 0403
Download ZIP • 263KB

Blast Beats Manual
Download PDF • 826KB


Friday March 29

Blast Beats Manual
Download PDF • 811KB

BlastBeats 0329A
Download ZIP • 319KB

FIX:Synth selection switch updated late

Vibrato/tremolo sync to sequencer

Normal speed ratio speeds are as follows:

1: 32 steps duty length
2: 16 steps duty length
3: 12 steps duty length
4: 8 steps duty length
5: 6 steps duty length
6: 4 steps duty length
7: 3 steps duty length
8: 2 steps duty length
9: 1 step duty length
10: 1/2 step duty length

Faster speed ratio has been sped up to is 8x the normal speed ratio.
Also the vibrato range has been increased to yield interesting FM effects


Thursday March 28

Fixed bug preventing automation deletion to be saved

Fix: nudging wasn't cleared with single track clear (clear+top button)

NEW: Bulk Nudge! in step mode hold function and press a top button to apply the same nudge value to all steps of the selected track (useful for quantizing a floppy recording)

BlastBeats 0328C
Download ZIP • 318KB

Blast Beats Manual
Download PDF • 810KB


Wednesday March 27

update since this AM

Fixed a memory leak that could cause R1 units to freeze during load or save

BlastBeats 0327D 2
Download ZIP • 317KB

Blast Beats Manual
Download PDF • 807KB


Wednesday March 27

Kit reload reloads the current kit from SD: function+kit (be careful if you do this manipulation too quickly (<100 milliseconds) BB considers that you pressed both at the same time and you enter song mode!)

  • Fix a bug preventing transition to other patterns after the 4th page

  • Bug squashed in the process: it was getting mixed up with the pages when chaining patterns now all tracks return to step 0 after changing pattern (but if you chain the same pattern multiple times the tracks of different lengths can still go out of sync)

  • There was an issue with page skips (the first step of page 1 played at the start of each page)

  • Vibrato/tremolo speed ratio copied with the pattern

  • Bugfix: missing synth at the very first step after a reboot

BlastBeats 0327
Download ZIP • 317KB

Blast Beats Manual
Download PDF • 807KB


Tuesday March 26

BlastBeats 0326A
Download ZIP • 317KB

Blast Beats Manual
Download PDF • 807KB

-Fixed bug preventing individual voice lengths to be set to 12 or 13 steps

-Fixed kit SD reload (was only loading variation1)


BlastBeats 0325A
Download ZIP • 317KB

Blast Beats Manual
Download PDF • 807KB

Monday March 25

-rec no longer activated by accident when we clone a page
-page clone includes nudge/microtiming
-pattern and page clone include plocs
-added progress bar to save sequence for both patterns and kits
-fixed chaser display issue in trick step editor
-fixed a bug causing an unwanted step to be entered upon entering the trick step editor
-fixed a bug with pattern rotation (eating some steps)
-Fixed kit clone (properly copies from source variation to destination variation)


Friday March 22


Here is the updated manual that should reflect all the new 4.0 features

New with 0322A:

-Added LED progress bars during load phase.

-LEDs weren't chasing to confirm step record mode

BlastBeats 0322A
Download ZIP • 315KB


Thursday March 21

BlastBeats 0321C
Download ZIP • 256KB

posted 18:40 (GMT+1)

Fixes since 0321B:

-Pattern changes at the end of the last page (not instantly!)

-vibrato/tremolo rates default to the faster speed (closer to 3.X rates)


-Fixed MUTE PAGE function (previously wasn't skipping pages currectly)

-Added visual cues to confirm settings changes involving button combos (like wiggleNudge etc)

-Fixed issue with Trick step editor display

-Sandboxed KITS:

If Blastbeats finds a KITS folder within the SONG folder it loads that, otherwise it defaults to the folder on the root of the card (added batch/sh scripts to automatically clone the KIT folder into all the song folders).

-Fixed a bug where enabline wiggleNudge would enter length mode

-instrument activity is shown immediately on LEDS after entering mute or solo function modes.


The speed ratios can be changed in step and function modes without triggering a mode change

-Reworked timing engine. It's now closely related to the clock.

Also the slow mode now does a sample and hold which yields interesting arp effects:

All changes for 4.0

4.0 LOG

Prior to version 4.0, the length parameter would define the page length, 
meaning all pages would reset at the last step. 
Since the introduction of version 4.0, the length mode now defines the last step of the last page, 
allowing patterns to have any number of steps (e.g., 17 steps).

Before version 4.0, the kick track would determine the number of pages, 
and all tracks would change pages together with the kick. 
This is no longer the case. We can now set an arbitrary number of pages 
and designate the last step for each track, enabling true polyrhythmic behavior.

NOTE: When turning to a new pattern, all track resync 

Fix: cloning pattern now includes all function settings, track lengths and other previously "missued out" data
an LED flashLeds is added to indicate completion of the clone

By default the LEDs only chase on the page we are editing.
You can choose to chase every page by pressing function+step when in step mode
FIX: the LED chasing code has been refactored, should be no more lazy LEDs (but hopefully no new crazy ones <:)!

When in length mode, hold the record button to active page clone mode (all pages blink).

COPY: press a page to copy it. 
PASTE:press any other pages to paste it over them, this includes all voices.
To copy only the data from the selected voice, 
hold the FUNCTION button while performing the paste action.

Fix: All frequencies will now correctly reset after a bend. 
Now instruments "stay down" if the bend holds them down, effectively turning the instruments into percussive hits.
Easter Egg: With Easter approaching, try holding the function button before initiating a bend for a surprise!

Hold a synth step and send a midi note on the correct channel to input a note (or change its note if lit)
FIX: Sequential punching beyond page 1 no longer makes LED overflow to top row

transposing a step now previews the new note

FIX: all tracks resync properly after a stutter

When you're in transpose mode (step+run):

The 16 bottom keys transpose the pattern (like before)

The top 10 keys are now used to choose the mode according to this list:

1 Chromatic - A scale consisting of 12 pitches, each a semitone apart. This mode applies no constraint to the incoming note.
2 Major (Ionian) - A diatonic scale characterized by the intervals: whole, whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half.
3 Minor (Aeolian) - A scale with a natural minor tonality, noted for its intervals: whole, half, whole, whole, half, whole, whole.
4 Dorian - A scale that combines a minor third with a major sixth, with intervals: whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half, whole.
5 Lydian - A major scale but with a raised fourth, creating a distinct sound, described by the intervals: whole, whole, whole, half, whole, whole, half.
6 Mixolydian - A major scale with a flattened seventh, known for its intervals: whole, whole, half, whole, whole, half, whole.
7 Blues - Characterized by its use of the flattened third, fifth, and seventh, the Blues scale provides a unique sound with intervals: minor third, whole, half, half, minor third, whole.
8 Melodic Minor - A scale that ascends with the intervals: whole, half, whole, whole, whole, whole, half, and often descends like the natural minor scale.
9 Harmonic Minor - Distinguished by the raised seventh interval, creating a distinctive sound, with intervals: whole, half, whole, whole, half, augmented second, half.
10 Gypsy - Known for its minor third and augmented seconds, creating a very distinct and exotic sound, with intervals: whole, half, augmented second, half, half, augmented second, half.

If you hold FUNC, the 16 buttons are used to choose the tonic (the root note)

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